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Mission Statement

Bring steampunk and history alive through educational and fun activities.

We are a group of people with a common interest and differed talents. All of us volunteer our time and efforts to create a world from our imaginations and share that with our audience.

Steampunk is the backdrop of many of our activities; it is what ties together the volunteers who make the Red Ribbon Society’s activities happen, and it is what brings us together with the audience.

Our mystery games are stories and most, but not all, take place in the world of Steam Century. We begin with an idea and develop the story details and characters around that idea. Our stories are quite varied from one to the next, which affords us broad opportunities to present aspects of Native American and other cultures or mythologies, technological developments, social issues, and other concepts.

The characters we create rarely appear in more than one game as the characters follow the needs of the story. Some character traits are determined by the story, but much of the background and personality is created by the cast member playing that character.

We create the evidence pieces that players gather to solve mystery games, as well as the props and equipment sometimes used by players and sometimes by cast members in scripted scenes.

When players talk to characters in the game, it is mostly improvisation by the cast member. Each cast member knows the story, has what their character knows or does not know, and has the background they created to draw upon. We find this much easier than learning lines.

Some cast members have lines in some scripted scenes, but the scenes are often short. There is usually a finale scene where we have one of the players answer the question that solves the mystery, and sometimes we have an opening scene or a staged scene in the middle of the game.

As described in the Activities, some of us also sit as panelists in a presentation or discussion at some of the conventions we work at. There is also the craft hour, which is great low-key opportunity to sit down and engage with people in a relaxed atmosphere while doing some crafts.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? We are always looking for new people bring their talents to our organization. If so, please contact us.

Cast photo for the CONvergence 2013 game which included cast members from the Steam Century group in Madison (the ones in uniform).
Cast photo for the CONvergence 2013 game which included cast members from the Steam Century group in Madison (the ones in uniform).

MPR News Article

Minnesota Public Radio released a video feature of our group, filmed at our mystery event on November 22, 2014.

You can find the article on the MPR site here.

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